More Lawsuits From Pressmen Against Printers

Time and again, offset printers are being held responsible for not properly guarding their presses.  Lawsuits get filed form time to time and I appreciate how printers and press manufacturers are being held responsible for not properly protecting the pressman that they employ.  Here are a few more examples of printers and press manufacturers who have been sued successfully.

Al Schallau Law Firm of Palos Verdes successfully helped Luis Sibayan sue a press manufacturer for failure in the following area.
  • Inadequate guarding of pinch points on the press
Luis claimed that his hand was caught in the press which resulted in the amputation of several fingers on his right hand.  When an accident report was filled out, the printer claimed that it was negligence on the part of the pressman.  It was discovered shortly afterward that the employer had been sued several times before for similar incidents.  After his settlement, Luis promptly went out and bought himself a new house.

Settlement:  850,000 USD

Rober M. Fellheimer, P.C. in Pennsylvania helped  a thirty-year old press operator at a linoleum factory sue the printing press manufacturer for defectively designing the machine.  The following were claimed.
  • Poor equipment design
  • Malpractice from treatment given by psychiatrist
The press was embossing a pattern on linoleum.  When changing the metal rolls that do the embossing, the machine malfunctioned and his hand was crushed.  The worker became depressed after several surgeries unsuccessfully repaired his hand.  The worker then died, alledgedly due to the medication that the his psychiatrist offered him.  The psychiatrist and the press manufacturer were sued.  The law firm successfully sued both the psychiatrist and the printing press manufacturer.

Settlement:  1,000,000 for the pressman's family.

Successful lawsuits for those that have sued for washing blankets or hand injuries can be found here as well.

Another potential for future lawsuits in the future is a product found in many pressroom chemicals: benzene.  It is a chemical widely used in pressrooms for cleaning solvents or inks.  Printing ink is made of solvents in order to allow the ink to dry through evaporation.  Recent evidence suggests that long term exposure causes lukemia and various other cancers.  Some lawers are actively seeking those who suffer from diseases related to printing ink or other cleaning solvents.  

If you know of any pending or successful lawsuits, leave a note and share.

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