States With Highest Number of Jobs for Pressmen

Well the figures are out and they reveal the states that have the highest number of jobs for pressmen.  The department of labour statistics revealed a map identifying each state and the number of press operators employed.  Here it is:

It's really not surprising in some ways.  Offset pressmen are generally employed in more metropolitan areas. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown to reveal exact numbers.

StateEmployment Employment per thousand jobsLocation quotientHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
New York8,9600.980.81$19.16$39,850

There are some siginificant details in these figures.  For example, Illinois doesn't stand out with an impressive number of jobs, but the employment per thousands jobs is significant.  Its a hub for printing and the demand for printing jobs will certainly be felt more than in a place like California, even though it has more jobs. 

Significant too is hourly mean wage of $20.40.  Of course this doesn't reflect the entire payscale from the newbie to the lead operator, but it tells that Illinois pay more for their pressmen.

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