Wages for Pressmen Raise to Highest in Two Years

Looks like it's time to ask for a raise.  According to, the average wage for a printing press operator is at its highest in almost two years.  The company provides the data by scouring job sites, newspapers, and company job postings to find what the market is offering.  Below is a graph showing the average salary over a two year period.

printing pressman wages
Average Wage For Pressmen Over Two Years

Interpreting the Graph
The data was based on an average wage for pressmen of 34,000 per year.  This graph of course fails to distinguish years of experience, type of equipment and the wage difference between sheetfed and web pressmen - something I covered in an earlier article.

According to the California Employment Development Department, wages are principally distinguished by the following criteria:
  • Kind of press
  • Size or width of products
  • Complexity of process

While the type of equipment you work on may not be so easy to change, the graph helps determine the right time to ask for a raise.  April and May show historically higher wages, indicating that demand is slightly higher, the perfect time to sit down with your employer and talk about your future.

What Others See
According to, the average wage for a printing press operator, all widths, is $55,803.  A much more reasonable figure and more in the ball park of what an experienced press operator will get.  

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