Web Press Troubleshooting Guide - Folder - Tears at Cross Fold Area

Description:  Tears can happen at many places in the folder.  However, this section refers to tears happening before it enters the chopper fold area.  

Problem: Too much tension at former nose.
Description:  Idler rollers immediately below the former nose are used for controlling tension as the web slides over the former.  Too much tension at the end of the nose itself will cause tears as the web travels down into the folder.  You will generally hear a cracking sound as the paper makes small tears.
Solution:  Move the position of the idler rollers immediately below the former to adjust the tension.

Problem:  Belts are not aligned to carry the signature properly.
Description:  As the signature transfers from the pin and tuck to the jaw cylinder, it must be held by belts.  These belts must be aligned in such a way that they do not cause tears.  At times the belt may be torn or they may not be aligned against the signature properly.
Solution:  Move the former board (and chopper if necessary) so that it travels along a different path within the folder.  Also, inspect each belt for tears or defects.

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