Ways To Improve Working Conditions In Your Press Room

Some printers have great working conditions for their pressmen.  I've had the privilege to work at a few and I would like to share some ideas of what I feel are easy to do.  Of course money is a great motivator, but that is another topic I've covered before.  Here are some easy ideas that require minimal investment.  Ideas that even the cheapest employer should consider.

1.  Proper matting.  Standing on concrete all day is a killer on the back.  It doesn't have to be much, just around the area where people are standing all day.
2.  Cleanliness.  There is a certainly a connection between a clean work environment and employee satisfaction.  Keep the place clean and morale will improve.
3.  Proper safety equipment.  Show you care.  Even if nobody wears it, you may even avoid a lawsuit for doing the right thing.
4.  Fans.  Most that work in this industry do not work in comfortably air condition offices.  Fans are not expensive.  Buy some good ones and put them in strategic places in the summer.
5.  Gifts.  Alright, so it will cost a little money.  But it doesn't have to be much.  A watch at the end of the year, a gift certificate, whatever.  It doesn't take much to show you appreciate
6.  Lunch.  Tell everyone that lunch is on you and treat them to a pizza.  Food is always a great way to show appreciation.
7.  Training.  So often I hear the complaint that people are not getting trained.  This is a no-brainer and the employer stands to be the greatest benefactor.  Implement a systematic and organized training program.
8.  Provide good quality tools.  This is an investment that must be made no matter what.  The suggestion is to spend a few extra dollars on good quality stuff.
9.  Tell everyone where they stand.  It costs you nothing and everyone deserves it.  If you don't have the courage to tell a pressman at the end of the press line stacking newspapers that he is going nowhere, you don't deserve to have any authority.  Do your job.
10.  Recognize good work.  It's easy to say nothing, but it will cost you the most.  This is perhaps the easiest and yet cheapest way to improve working conditions.  Commend for good work.  It is perhaps the greatest motivator.

Can you add anything?  Leave me a comment.

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  1. The little things we take for granted counts.... Great job...