Splicer and Infeed Troubleshooting - Wrinkling At The Splicer

Whether you use a flying paster or a zero-speed splicer, many troubleshooting principles apply equally when it comes to wrinkling.

Problem:  Rollers not trammed properly.
Solution:  Tram all rollers even.  Check them for levelness and follow up with tramming.

Problem:  Improper tension.  
Solution:  Increase or decrease the tension based on the need.  Tension should really be based on the basis weight, but can require tensions out of range in some cases in order to avoid wrinkling.

Problem:  Paper defect.
Solution:  Sometimes the problem is in the paper making process.  Try using a roll that came from a different jumbo in the paper making machine.  

Problem:  Debris on the idler rollers.
Solution:  Sometimes splice tape will build up on the festoons or even the infeed rollers.  Take the time to clean them off as a regular part of your maintenance.  

Problem:  Improper nip pressure.
Solutions:  Some splicers have the infeed system built right into the splicer.  If the nip pressure is uneven, it can cause an uneven pull on the web and hence cause wrinkles.

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