The Offset Printing Troubleshooting Guide Soon To Come

I would like to compile a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for pressmen.  My hope is that it will encompass each part of the printing press as well as each raw material used in offset printing.

Please bear with me as this project will take several days to complete.  I will have a main troubleshooting page where you can start and narrow each problem down to something specific.  I'm hoping to get feedback so that I can keep adding to it.  The more I can add and feedback I can get, the more valuable it will become.  I insist though that those who give feedback will only be those that actually work on offset printing equipment or are directly connected to that production environment.

I'm tired of looking for solutions from sources that give ridiculous answers to problems or just speak in generalities.  When we have a problem, I pick up a GATF guide or some other publication and I find it not very useful.   I hope to provide video, pictures and real life examples of how our pressroom and hopefully yours have been able to solve the problems associated with offset printing.  My first focus will be not just how to troubleshoot web breaks, but what causes them.  

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