Heatset Oven Troubleshooting - Web Shrinkage

web shrinks in heatset dryer

Description:  Passing through the heatset oven causes much of the paper moisture content to be lost.  As a result, the width of the web will decrease marginally.  The amount is proportionate to the width of the paper.  This is a normal process of heatset web printing.  Not to be confused with web growth which actually happens at the printing units.

Problem:  Too much width is lost when passing through the oven.
Solution #1:  Purchase a component to add paper moisture content back into the paper.  They come standard with heatset presses and are necessary for the heatset printing process.  An example of this is the Goss Ecocool remoistening sytem.
Solution #2:  Lower oven temperature.  Though it is not a solution, the web shrinkage effect can be minimized this way.

I can't find my problem.

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