How To Land A Job At A Commercial Printer

Here are a few tips that can help you get the edge if you are an offset pressman trying to get pressman jobs. These steps of course compliment any advice in looking for work, but here's a few extra things you will need as a printer.

1. Where An Offset Pressman Can Find a Job
It goes without saying that if you know a particular press very well, you have a much better chance getting work where those presses are to be found. Do your homework. Seek out commercial printers that have the same press that you know.

Perhaps the press isn't that common. That's OK. That's what makes you specialized and it's what is going to sell a printer on your resume.

2. A Pressman Should Look The Part Of The Job
I'm not talking about imitating those pressmen that appear scummy with long shaggy hair and three days growth on their face and tatoos all over their body. Clean up and wear a suit. You'll seem like the best pressman that walked the face of the earth, because that's what you are, right?

3. Jobs For Offset Printing Are Not Well Advertised
When other pressmen hear you are looking for a job, they will no doubt give you some contacts. Let's face it, most offset printing jobs are not advertised. If you know the supervisor of a printing company or can get a referral, your chances are much better. Tap into your resources and use them.

In conclusion, it's safe to say that an offset pressman is not the most popular job to be had out there. But if you play your cards right, you can successfully find a good job at a commercial printer.

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